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10 Best Things to Consider Before Buying Apartment in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a beautiful place to live in. It is not only green and has wonderful weather but is also very developed thus, providing all urban facilities. It thus offers the best of both worlds. If one is considering buying Flats in Trivandrum, now is the best time. This is because the cost of the flat is increasing each day and thus, it is also a very good investment for the future. Moreover, the cost of living in Trivandrum is lower than in other cities.

While there are various apartments in Trivandrum, it is important to find the right one that suits you. Most importantly, buying flats in Trivandrum means that there is a good amount of investment needed and this is the place where you will spend a lot of years to come. This is why it is important for you to choose the perfect place. 

Factors You must Consider While Buying your Apartment

Flats in Trivandrum

While personal research is necessary, there are some of the factors that you must consider while buying your apartment. You can use these factors to compare different apartments of the same price and make a well-informed decision so that you will never regret.

  • Your vision

Having a vision of your ideal home is very important before buying. You must have an idea about your needs and expectations. Your home should be tailored specifically as per all the needs of your family. Accordingly, you may also consider having a checklist. This will ensure that you get complete value for your money.

  • The locality

It is very important to choose a good locality in Trivandrum. This makes all the difference. A good locality must be such that all the needs of your family are tended to. Some localities like Vellayabalam, Sreekaryam and Mukkolakkal are highly vouched for. They have good residents, there is proximity with the airport and the railway station (all about 15 minutes on an average), good markets, shopping malls and various other services one may need.

Fortunately, some developers like Skyline builders have outstanding first rate apartments in these great localities of Trivandrum. Their major projects have proximity with schools, colleges, major shopping complexes as well as hospitals. This ensures that all your needs are met with.

  • Services offered

There are various facilities and services that the apartments offer. These include valet parking, common lounge area, gym, swimming pool, park, play area, sports facilities and much more. While many builders promise to provide these services, very few actually do. This is why it is necessary to go for trusted names. They provide various facilities in their ready to move apartments. This ensures that you can see everything for yourself. The facilities include a rooftop pool, play area, lounge, fitness centre, games room, recreational hall etc.

In addition to this, their projects are all very different. This gives the customers varied options to choose from as per their needs and priorities.

  • Interior design 

It is important that the interior design of the flats is good as well. Many builders ignore this aspect. The rooms must be adequately lighted, having well structured false ceiling, airy and receive sufficient sunlight also. You may also have other needs in mind like the space of the rooms, generator or other power backup and firefighting equipment among other things.

You may opt for well-furnished or empty apartments as per your convenience and viability.

  • Security concerns

It is very essential these days to choose apartments having 24-hour CCTV surveillance strategically placed in important areas. There must also be an intercom facility. In addition to this, having capable and vigilant security guards and in-out register for guests is also very important. 

  • Other elements to avoid

It is essential that you choose localities such that excessive noise from the traffic especially at peak hours is avoided. Also, areas near ceremony halls etc may also be very disturbing. It is also important to avoid apartments built such that adequate sunlight or natural light is not available.

  • The reputation of the builders

Many builders pull a sham and promise various things that they do not deliver. It is important to check the previous projects of the developers as well as the reviews of their customers. This will ensure that you are not cheated by the inadequate quality of services. Another reason for going for renowned builders is that often the legal status of the land is in doubt and the builders sell it without having a righteous title. This is another thing that you are protected against when you go for established players in the market.

  • Transportation facilities

Availability of low-cost public transportation is a very important thing. In the areas mentioned earlier, public transportation including taxi cabs, buses etc. are widely available. This in addition to the connectivity with the airport and the railway station is very essential for a house. Sometimes, when public transportation is not easily available, people end up spending a lot of money even for going to short distances in case of emergency.

Trivandrum city

  • Construction quality

The quality of construction is very important. In your visits to the apartments, make sure to confirm the quality of paints used, tiles, woodwork etc. Flat age also affects its quality considerably. If one buys older flats at cheaper rates, they actually end up spending more than what they initially saved. This in addition to the relative maintenance cost (which you can easily enquire from your builder), is something that must be considered.

  • Car parking

Sufficient car parking is a very important aspect. This is because a person has to deal with it twice a day. Many apartments have restricted parking slots. Make sure that you at least have 2 parking slots and 1 for guest. In addition to this, there must be adequate parking facilities for two-wheelers as well. Sometimes, the apartments have underground parking or very cramped facilities from which it is difficult to move your car when needed. If the situation is so, make sure that the apartments have a good valet service also.

Among the various options and the plethora of apartments in Trivandrum, choose the best one for you. It is important to have a vision of your needs and expectations. According to the same and the points mentioned here, one can find a home that they love. It will also help you to get value for money.

There is a lot of competition in the market today. Thus, it is good for the customers to take benefit of the best builders. Skyline builders are one of the most renowned and experienced builders in Trivandrum. They offer various apartments and are trustworthy. Choosing a reputed builder like Skyline will help you get satisfied with the best home services. Moreover, it is also important to decide on a builder who is very adept in satisfying all the needs of their customers.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid cheat or scam builders who promise various services and do not deliver the same. Seeing their customer reviews and previously built projects would thus be due diligence on your part. You only buy your home once. Make sure that you choose the best. Your home is a place you should immediately fall in love with!