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Best Beard Grooming Products in India- Shampoo, Oil, Trimmer, Conditioner

Personal grooming is a trend every individual follows in today’s day and time. The concept of grooming has changed much for men, but there’s something that has added to the idea of grooming one’s beard, and it is the introduction of several grooming products like oil, shampoo, conditioner and trimmer for beard, that let men keep a long mane and flaunt it too.

With the sudden advent and rise of personal grooming products in men, the global market sees new trends every other week. Trends such as No Shave November take the country by storm every year, when men simply refuse to shave and prefer keeping a neat, clean, well-groomed beard to keep up with the recent trends.

Whether it is Shahid Kapoor’s mooch or Jack Gyllenhaal’s sexy stubble, beard is an important aspect of any man’s personality and style that one can’t ignore. It is the beard that maketh the man, you can well say that from today’s stylish grooming of beard.

Beard is an aspect that adds gravity to your personality. A well-groomed beard is the sign of an organized man, someone who ensures stability and pays close attention to detail; qualities that are attractive and desirable. So why should beard grooming be limited to celebrities and men of influence? A well-kept beard could be yours too, if you have the heart to make the effort.

Therefore, it is a good idea to shade some light onto the whole chapter of personal grooming your much prized possession called the beard, and ways to keep it stylish to its core. Taking care of your beard isn’t a small matter; there’s the case of itchy beard, to a frizzy stubble, and even the case of not-so-shiny mane. It takes a lot of patience and care to get it right, so it’s time you write down a nice routine for the maintenance of your beard, to get an amazing stubble of your dreams.

When and how to grow a beard?

  • These are small details that you must pay attention to. If you need to grow a beard, choose to do so over a holiday. A rough stubble isn’t exactly something anyone needs to see, although it is a phase that needs to be gone through. Growing your beard over a break gives you the ideal time to shape it and grow it to a length you can keep up with. And when you are back after your vacation, everyone sees the new you.
  • It’s always a good idea to consult a professional or look up a look to grow your beard to once you start growing it. This gives you a clear picture of how you want to shape your look. Go through social media such as Instagram where you will come across the trending looks, or browse through Conde Nast’s GQ, the premiere men’s magazine that has been setting trends in fashion and style for more than fifty years. When you decide on the look, you can then take your time to grow your beard, or choose the right products for the grooming purpose.
  • No matter how long or short the period over which you grow your beard is, you must keep the stubble clean at all times. Cleanliness is almost as good as growing the beard itself. Clean roots lead to faster hair growth, giving you a nice, thick stubble faster. Moreover, beardruff (dandruff in beard) is a real thing. Keeping your stubble clean will prevent beardruff and also keep it from getting itchy and rough.

Once you are past your vacation phase, that is, after you have successfully grown your beard, it is time to maintain it. The best way to choose the right products is to know the kind of beard you have. Do you have a dry or oily beard? Is it itchy and rough? Does the hair break or is it difficult to manage unruly, thick hair? No matter what the problem is, every issue can be solved with the right product. All you need to know is what the exact problem is.

How to choose the right product according to the beard you have?

The first step to assemble your beard caring kit is to know what you need to cancel out the odds and choose the best products for the right grooming. The texture of the beard depends on a lot of factors, and not just what it looks like on the outside. The nature and texture of facial hair does depend on genetics, but thankfully it is not the only deciding factor. Pollution plays a major role in the growth of beard hair and hairfall, so you might want to take measures to counter it. So here are some factors and the products that can counter the odds:

Beard Oil:

Beard revitalizers

While it is a good idea to take hair growth and vitamin supplements for a fuller beard, revitalizing the strands of hair for the best results is excellent. There are many beard oils and serums in the market today that are extremely helpful to give you a strongcare  mane, and those are available in the Indian market. So here are ten of the beard revitalizing oils you can go for:

Beard Shampoo:

Beard Shampoo

Cleanliness plays an important role in the case of beard and growth. If you happen to use the shampoo on your beard you use for your hair, now would be a good time to stop doing so and use a shampoo specifically meant for your beard, as beard tends to get dirty faster as compared to the hair on your head. So the shampoo meant for your hair cannot fulfill the conditions needed for your beard’s standards of cleanliness. Here are ten beard shampoos you can opt for:

Beard trimmer:

Beard trimmer

When it comes to trimming your beard, choose the best of beard trimmers from the lot by paying attention to these simple questions:

  • What is the length of your beard?
  • What kind of performance do you expect from the trimmer?
  • What features do the trimmer comes with and does it serve your purpose?
  • Is it battery-operated or corded?

Based on your answer to these questions, here are ten of the best beard trimmers to choose from to get the perfect beard this season:

 Beard Conditioner:

Beard Conditioner

The kind of resolution you take after washing your beard defines your stubble. So it is always a great idea to condition your beard once you are done washing it. Go for a mild or strong conditioner according to your stubble, if you have thick, unruly hair, for for a strong conditioner. If you have comparatively weaker and thinner hair, go for a mild one. Here are ten of the brands you can go for your beard conditioning:

Beard vitamin supplements:

Beard vitamin supplements

It is not surprising if you happen to experience a particularly low growth of beard, genetics do play a major role here after all. But there are many vitamin supplements in the market today that can be very helpful. You can opt for these to get a crop of thick, strong beard. Here are ten products that you can use for the purpose: