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Best Must-work Co-working Spaces in Delhi

Best Must-Work Co-Working Spaces In Delhi

The coworking industry has seen a steep growth curve in the past decade and continues to grow as an alternative to the traditional long-term leased office set up. The recent global move to Remote Work as the future of working and rise in the gig and freelance jobs are to be credited to the increasing interest for the upward graph of coworking spaces and their success.

In addition to the increasing interest in the growing urban cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi, there is a growing demand for workspaces across the suburban market like Gurugram, Noida and Tier 2 like Pune, Kochi, and Coimbatore.

New Delhi (& NCR) are among the top locations in India, along with Mumbai and Bengaluru, that have paved the way for the success of coworking spaces in the country. New Delhi and parts of NCR have contributed to setting the trend of flexible working spaces and offer a variety of options to choose from when one is looking for a break from working alone, tired of paying huge costs on office rentals or just wishes to have a taste of the novel hybrid model of working. As per a recent report, Delhi has over 700+ coworking spaces to give you the best working experience possible.

However, interesting this might look, with innumerable options, choosing a workspace that suits one’s need is no easy task. One of the major determinants while looking for suitable working space is the preferred location, budget, flexibility, team size, amenities, and conveniences.

If you are a small team or an expanding one, the wiser choice would be to look for private cabins and meeting spaces that can sustain your social distancing norms and equally give you the intellectual space to discuss, brainstorm, and work together without any disruption. On the other hand, if you are a solo remote worker, a digital nomad or a freelancer, open desks and cafes are your best options. You just need a nice, comfortable spot to work from with high-speed WiFi and a hushed environment that allows you to focus solely on your work.

Any space that you choose, the priority would be getting the best of investment and best of resources made available to you. In today’s scenario, health and safety are of utmost importance in the environment you might choose for yourself or your team. Coworking space is the future of remote work, it is time to educate ourselves and choose wiser opportunities with fewer risks. Find out which coworking space is the right fit for you.

Now that you are clear about what you are looking for in a coworking space, here are our suggestions for the best coworking spaces in Delhi –

Open Desks:

Open Desks

Are you one of those freelancers who love the iconic view of Delhi while travelling through the metro? Look no further. This co-working space located at GT Karnal Road, New Delhi is the ideal place for you.

Packed with the right set of amenities from Hi-Speed internet, frequent caffeine supply, and even provides access to office supplies like printers and scanners to ensure a smooth work experience for you.

Cocoweave Coworking – Hargobind Enclave

Open Desks

Located in Hargobind Enclave, a beautiful site in East Delhi drowned in history, this shared space offers speedy WiFi, beverages, easy access to a printer, scanner, and copier. To satiate those mid-work hunger pangs, space both have a pantry and allows you to bring outside food so that you never run out of options for food.

After a productive but tiring day, you can hang out at Hargobind Enclave and let the ancient masterpiece calm you and inspire you at the same time. The fort hosts theatre and cultural performances now and then. Keep an eye out for those for post-work entertainment.

GoDaftar at Vasant Kunj:

GoDaftar at Vasant Kunj

This coworking space offers well-furnished private cabins for teams to work from. Situated in Vasant Kunj, a posh neighbourhood in South Delhi located at the foothills of Aravali mountain range is also home to famous personalities.

Cabin options range from 4-seater to 10-seater ones, which you can choose depending on your team’s size. The prices starting at 48000/month space comes equipped with all the essential facilities and amenities needed for smooth working experience.

Cabin options range from 4-seater to 10-seater ones, which you can choose depending on your team’s size. The prices start at 48000/month. Space comes equipped with all the essential facilities and amenities needed for smooth working experience.

V Work Space – Greater Kailash

V Work Space - Greater Kailash

This coworking spot is situated in Greater Kailash too and offers open desks ideal for individuals working solo and aiming for efficient working hours.

Apart from basic amenities like WiFi, beverages, printers, and scanners, the place also has meeting rooms that you can book for your occasional meetings with your fellow workers (in case you all live in the same city) or clients. The charges are as low as 250/ day for a desk, along with monthly packages at discounted rates.

Peer Share Coworking at Vasant Vihar:

Peer Share Coworking at Vasant Vihar

Looking for a private cabin in one of the costliest areas in Delhi but under a reasonable price.

This space at Vasant Vihar is the place for you. Packed with amenities with easy access to public transport, this co-working space is here to make your life simpler.

Supreme Cowork at Shalimar Bagh

Supreme Cowork at Shalimar Bagh

Located close to some of the most iconic ruins of the Mughal era, Supreme Cowork offers you the Delhi sultan vibe.If you are looking for a lavish 7-seater cabin for your team, surrounded by quality facilities and amenities, and rich history of Delhi, this is just the right place for you.

All the spaces listed above are located in well-populated corners of Delhi and easily reachable via public transport. This makes commute and security two fewer things to worry about as you step out of your house to work.

This list is just a small glimpse of what your working experience can look like once you step out of the traditional office space and explore the world of on-demand coworking spaces.

The best part about working out of coworking spaces is the flexibility they allow you to have. They give you an option to move from one spot to another in a city, in case you are not satisfied with your present choice. And to work in a culturally rich city like Delhi, that has forts, monuments, and so many other historic sites to visit, this flexibility might take you on a Delhi tour that you never planned on taking but still got.

So, go ahead and start exploring to find the best-suited coworking spaces for yourself. In addition to the respective websites, here are some of the platforms that you can use to book spaces at your convenience:

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