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Book Review- Today is My Favourite Day by Siddharth Shirole

Today is My Favourite Day

Book Details :

Title – Today is My Favourite Day (Unleashing The Power of Optimism)

Author – Siddharth Shirole

Year of Publishing  – 2017

Published by – Wisdom Tree

Genre – Nonfiction / Self-help

About the Author:

The author Siddharth Shirole, being an entrepreneur and a political leader, has shared excellent ideologies and his own real life experiences among the readers, which is the best feature of the content inside the book. The author belongs to a political background and himself is a leader, hence his words reflect positivity and teach us all the qualities of a good leader.

The Book Review:

“Today is My Favourite Day” shows a clear face of optimism. It gives hairline difference among optimism, realism and over optimism. The book will teach you how important is the action of dreaming big for one’s growth. The book will give you a direction if you seem to be lost in the crowd of life. And, I guess that’s what every other self-help book should be able to do. The book will allow you to introspect and find out the answers to all your questions that you could have never answered on your own. The time when you get yourself engrossed into reading this book, you’ll realise how important it is to have a purpose in life and also the ways to look for your purpose.

Shirole has used simple and easily comprehensible grammar with a fine vocabulary of words. The content inside the book presents before you the basics of living the good life. The best thing about the book that I personally appreciate is that how beautifully the author has taken the simple concepts of will power, gratitude, forgiveness, trust,  self expression, trust, internal discipline etc. and has shown that all of it is not any sort of rocket science, but just a matter of trying and applying them practically. It is shown in the book how these little things become milestones towards achieving greatness.

Here, the author has his own life experiences and his daily thoughts and rituals. The purpose of doing this is to show the readers how practical his philosophies are. Thereby, the readers can actually relate to the author’s own experiences. The book will help you to live more into the moment and give each of your action your best try.The book helps to create a balance in the different “verticals” of life. You won’t understand what these verticals are unless you turn the pages yourself.

Who Should Read This Book:

This is a versatile book that can be reached out to a wide range of audience. But as the book mainly focuses on the basic aspects of life and the steps to lead a better life, it is most beneficial for the people who are in need of a guidance or mentor. This is an inspirational self-help book that will answer your questions and clear your doubts, if you have any, about life. If you think that you’ve lost direction in life or if you feel the need to chose a path for yourself, you must go get the book.


After going through all the pages of the book, I believe that it has helped me a lot and it can help millions of other people too. The ideologies and examples cited by the author are truly remarkable. The book, as suggested by its name, is a full-on package of optimism that surrounds you with its positive vibes, thereby making you feel better about your own self, your life as well as your surroundings.