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Best Holiday Destinations In India

India has become a great attraction for tourists and travelers from across the globe. The diversity of the cultures and the different types of climatic conditions, here, makes it different from the rest of the world. Today’s busy world has made our lives so stressful that it has become a necessity for the people to…

10 Best Religious Places in India You Must Visit

India. A very diverse, a very vivid, a very colorful: the very place full of life. It’s not an under known fact that India has embraced all the religions of the world with open arms. Neither is the world unaware of the truth that India is the very birthplace of many religions in itself. India:…

Unexplored Camping Destinations in Uttarakhand

Best Places for Camping in Uttarakhand

Summer vacations are the most eagerly awaited part of the year, when a majority of us plan to enjoy that dream trip to some place that has piqued our interest & we are dying to explore it. Most commonly, hill stations are the answer for us Indians trying to escape the atrocious heat. The soft…