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Attention writers, all across in the India! If you are passionate about writing We are at accepting your blog posts by giving you an opportunity to express your views and your thoughts on various topics. We invite all specialist who think they they have a great topic to write about.

Our aim is to provide top content related to travel, lifestyle, services, sports, gadgets, health, books and local(events, museum, market etc) in India.  Anything which are related to categories mentioned in our website are accepted.

By writing any guest post for us you are agreed to following norms:

  1. You are giving us rights to publish the content in our website.
  2. You can receive an author bio in each post.
  3. We can share the post in any social media channels.

What we will not accept:

To maintain the standard of this site we will not accept post in below conditions:

  1. We will not accept very basic information on any topic which are very common in internet.
  2. We will not accept any post which you have not discussed prior to writing. Feel free to discuss the content topic with us.
  3. We will not accept any content which has already published somewhere else.
  4. All post submitted by you must be your original post.
  5. We will not allow any affiliate links in any post. However reserve the right to add our own affiliate link within any post.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

We suggest to read carefully all below guidelines otherwise we will not accept your post:

  1. We will simply reject your content if you do not follow any of above rules.
  2. Submitted post should be at least 1000 words. More than 1200 words are preferred. There could be special condition if we feel.
  3. If applicable include links to data, sources and statistics you mentioned in your post.
  4. Bullet points are very helpful when writing the content.
  5. We appreciate if you can answer to a reader in the comment section.
  6. There is no limit to the number of post you share with us as long as you follow our guidelines.
  7. We appreciate if you include headings in your post.
  8. You should mention the image credit within your post.
  9. We accept reviews in certain cases.
  10. Your avatar photo will be automatically loaded from Do register yourself.
  11. We may take minimum seven days to publish a post.

So you have gone though with all guidelines and blah blah blah. Now you can send me an email at roy dot manoj 300 @gmail dot com.